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Name Date of Birth Gender
Dam: CH Clayburn Ginger Snap JH 11/22/1986

Clayburn Tanqueray Gin CD
09/06/1994 Female
Clayburn Ozark Angel UD JH
09/06/1994 Female
Clayburn Sealion O' Saddlehil UDX MH OA
09/06/1994 Male
CH Clayburn Gin Rummy At Topform
09/06/1994 Female
Dam: Winroc X-Quisite Kala CDX TD JH AX AXJ 02/10/1989

Winroc Ima Gemini JH
06/01/1996 Male
Winroc In The Midnight Hour CD JH OA OAJ
06/01/1996 Female
Winboc Independence At RMR JH
06/01/1996 Female
Dam: Snowden Hill Hard-Act-T'Follow CD SH NA 03/05/1992

CH Bookner's Must-Be-Pete
11/02/1997 Male
Bookner's-Bodacious JH
11/02/1997 Male
Bookner's SH
11/02/1997 Female
Bookner's-Make A Joyful Noise AX AXJ
11/02/1997 Female
Bookner's My Eyes See Glory JH
11/02/1997 Male
Bookner's-God-Answers-Prayer SH
11/02/1997 Male
Dam: Mariah Urban Royal Princess CDX MH 07/31/1992

Black Gold Mansika Korkuri CD
05/26/1995 Female
Reggie White JH
05/26/1995 Male
Dam Name: Drycreek Boot Scoot N Doogie CD SH 09/29/1992

Drycreek Fire Poppy JH
08/26/1996 Female
Dam: Broyhill Black Justice 11/19/1992

Windsor's Moonlight Dance CD
04/23/1996 Male
Carson's Penny Ante SH
04/23/1996 Female
Dam: Wynnecrofts Wake Up Call JH 12/03/1992

Wynnecrofts Brutal Hunter CD
12/30/1998 Male
Dam: Winterset Elegant Delivery 05/06/1993

Northledge Findlay CD JH
05/28/1998 Male
Northledge Torchlight CD JH
05/28/1998 Female
Northledge Kender CD
05/28/1998 Male
Dam: Starbound's Black Velvet CD SH NA 08/24/1993

Del Secco's Blue Chip Stock CDX
02/22/1997 Male
DS Shadow In The Woods SH OA OAJ
02/22/1997 Female
Dam: CH Saddlehill Advantage 11/30/1993

Saddlehill Gypsy Woman CD
09/22/1996 Female
Saddlehill Skye's The Limit CD JH
09/22/1996 Female
Dam: Belle's Liberty 06/14/1994

Belle's Justice JH
05/21/1996 Female
Dam: Crunch's Caramel Lady 05/30/1995

Bigsky Autumn Shade Of Edward CD MH
06/30/1998 Male
Dam: Sunnybrook Acres My Sunshine 06/17/1994

Hedgeapple Ace Of Spades TD
06/23/1999 Male